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Axis Deer Hunts

Hunting Season: Year-Round

29″ and Under: $4,495

30" - 33": $4,495 plus $125 for each additional inch up to 33″

34″ and over: $4,950 plus $250 for each additional inch over 34″

Non-Typical Price Upon Request

2 Axis does $2,295 or Add 1 Axis doe onto an already booked hunt for an additional $995

Combo Meat Hunt (Whitetail, Axis, or Blackbuck doe): $2,095 for 2 does. The species of does to be harvested are at ranch’s discretion and availability. Only max of one doe per species for a total of 2 does.

***All exotics are priced by the length of their longest antler/horn.***

Axis deer hunts in South Texas are by far the most sought after adventures in the exotic trophy hunting industry. Axis deer are easily identified by an orange coat with white spots similar to a whitetail fawn. All males and females have white patches on their throat while only mature males have antlers. Behavior of axis deer is nearly identical to native whitetail deer with majority of activity occurring at dusk and dawn. Herds are comprised of males and females of various ages throughout the year.

Axis deer or venison has the mildest flavor, and is very tender and finely textured. It contains less than 1% fat which means technically it is fat free. Almost all will agree that the Axis deer meat is considered by many to be the finest venison you’ll ever eat!
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