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Blackbuck Hunts

Hunting Season: Year-Round

15” to 21” - $4,295

22” to 26” - $4,995

27” and over - $5,500 plus $150 for each additional inch up to 27″

2 Blackbuck does $2,195 or Add 1 doe onto an already booked hunt for an additional $895

Combo Meat Hunt (Whitetail, Axis, or Blackbuck doe): $2,095 for 2 does. The species of does to be harvested are at ranch’s discretion and availability. Only max of one doe per species for a total of 2 does.

***All exotics are priced by the length of their longest antler/horn.***
Blackbuck Antelope were one of the first exotic game animals introduced and bred on Texas ranches. Originally from India and Pakistan, they are a small antelope with bucks ranging from 70-125 pounds, they are one of the fastest animals in the world at about 55 mph. Males tend to be very territorial and their beautiful hides will become very black in the winter time. They have a very distinct spiral horn with anywhere from 3-5 twists and a straight-line measurement from 18” plus for a trophy. You will generally find them in open fields, trying to corral females as they enter their territory. The open Texas terrain also allows them to use their extreme speed to avoid predators. Blackbuck Antelope meat is very good, and they are a very challenging hunt.
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