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Aoudad Hunts

Free Range Hunt
Hunting Season: Year-Round
Male Horn Size: 14″-31″
Female Horn Size: 12″-27″

High Fence 
Trophy Aoudad (31"-36") Price Upon Request

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We offer two different options for Aoudad hunting,
  • ​High Fence on the Main Ranch

                         OR ​​
  • Free Range on the Devil's River
It's actually called an Aoudad Sheep or referred to as a Barbery Sheep. But, it's not really a sheep! They have traits of both sheep and goats. Aoudad's are native to the Atlas Mountains of North Africa and were first brought into South Texas and New Mexico after WWII. This desert region is much like their native country and they did so well that more were brought into different desert regions of Texas. Aoudad Sheep continue to thrive in south Texas and now occupy mountainous regions from West Texas to Del Rio to the Texas Panhandle.

Aoudads are tan with a large neck mane on the front and back of their necks. They have unusual tufts of hair, called chaps that encircle their front legs. The average male weighs about 200 pounds but can easily weigh over 300 lbs. The females typically weigh between 90-125 pounds. Both male and females Aoudads have horns which are very impressive with a wide base backward curl that goes upward and outward and the horns are rigid on the front surface. Male Aoudad horns range from 14" to 36" while female horns range from 12" to 27". These animals are tough and totally unpredictable! They're also pretty tough to glass!

Aoudad hunting is quite different from Whitetail Hunting. This hunt is a very challenging but fun hunt! Unlike whitetail hunts that we offer, this is a free-range hunt. The terrain is very rough and rocky so come prepared to hike while carrying all your gear. Aoudad's prefer steep walled canyons and rim rocked plateaus in some of the roughest country in Texas. Being in good physical condition is a key factor for a successful hunt.

Be prepared to shoot at least 200-300 yards. The Aoudad has tremendous eyesight which makes it almost impossible to get any closer than 200-300 yards. Their soft spongy hooves provide necessary traction to climb the steep and rocky terrain. They have the agility of a goat, making them very elusive in the rough, rocky hills where the hunt will take place. They have no fear of heights, have heavy muscular forequarters that give them the power to climb while their light rear-quarters give them the ability to spring effortlessly from ledge to ledge. These sheep are gregarious in nature and approaching hunters must use extreme caution. They are highly intelligent and resent any potential threat near their comfort zone. The slightest hint of movement on the hunter’s part may result in a “stare down”. Hunting Aoudad sheep demands the highest respect from sheep hunters.
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